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Gather Vacations, LLC

project scope:

New site build on a custom WordPress theme with Track PMS integration | Built while employed by Gather Vacations, LLC

description: is a luxury vacation rental website catering to exclusive resort cities primarily in the western half of the US. Built on the WordPress CMS and integrated with the Track PMS property management platform, Gather Vacations serves as a premier destination for travelers seeking upscale accommodations and unforgettable experiences.

With properties located in various exclusive resort cities across the western US, we needed to design a user-friendly interface that allowed visitors to easily browse and search for rentals based on their preferred destination. This required implementing robust search and filtering functionality to accommodate diverse traveler preferences.

In addition, the back-end of the site had to provide administrative and editorial access for non-technical staff to have a high degree of control over copy and content.

To convey the luxury and sophistication associated with Gather Vacations, we needed to create a visually stunning website that reflected the upscale nature of the properties featured on the platform. This involved designing a sleek and modern user interface, utilizing high-quality imagery, and incorporating elegant typography and branding elements.

The successful development resulted in a top-tier luxury vacation rental platform that offers travelers unparalleled access to upscale accommodations in exclusive resort cities across the western US. By integrating with Track PMS and implementing intuitive search functionality, the website provides a seamless booking experience for both property owners and guests, while the sleek visual design and luxury branding contribute to a memorable user experience. exemplifies the power of strategic website development and integration in creating a premier destination for luxury vacation rentals. By leveraging the WordPress CMS using a custom theme and integrating with Track PMS, we were able to build a robust platform that not only showcases upscale properties but also facilitates seamless booking and management processes.

  • Real Estate Standards Organization
  • Internet Data Exchange
  • WordPress
  • Expression Engine
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • MySQL
  • SASS
  • Google Workspace