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Corcoran Pacific Properties

A Corcoran Group brokerage serving Hawai'i

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The Elite Companies, LLC

project scope:

Site redesign supporting a major brokerage rebranding effort | Built while employed by Elite Pacific Properties, LLC


Here, we delve into the transformation of into, a real estate brokerage website exclusively dedicated to real estate in Hawai'i. As a franchise partner with the prestigious Corcoran Group, the relaunch required a complete rebranding following the Corcoran branding guidelines while retaining essential administrative tools supporting hundreds of real estate agents in their buy/sell transactions.

The primary challenge was to seamlessly transition from to while adhering to the Corcoran Group's branding guidelines. This involved a comprehensive redesign of the website to reflect the Corcoran brand identity while maintaining the essential functionalities and administrative tools required by real estate agents and the visiting public.

The website's administrative tools were crucial for supporting hundreds of real estate agents in their day-to-day transactions. It was essential to ensure that these tools remained intact and seamlessly integrated into the redesigned website to facilitate efficient buy/sell transactions.

With a focus on user experience, the redesign aimed to enhance navigation, streamline property search functionalities, and provide easy access to administrative tools for real estate agents.

The relaunch of marked a successful transition from to a brand-new platform that reflected the prestige and sophistication of the Corcoran Group while retaining essential functionalities for real estate agents. The redesigned website offered an enhanced user experience, streamlined property search functionalities, and seamless access to administrative tools, empowering agents to effectively serve their clients in the Hawai'i real estate market.

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  • Internet Data Exchange
  • WordPress
  • Expression Engine
  • PHP
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  • MySQL
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